Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Where will Kate stay the night before her wedding?

The night before her nuptuals, Kate will stay in the luxurious Royal suite at central London's Goring Hotel. The hotel will also host her immediate family.

The five-star hotel, located in Belgravia -- near Buckingham Palace has recently undergone a £150,000 makeover.

The suite has five rooms and has a slew of wierd and wonderful features including:

  • A dark wood four-poster bed. It is the centrepiece of  the suite with a large flat screen TV at it's foot only to be summoned at the push of a button
  • An original "Venerable" toilet by 19th-century plumber Thomas Crapper
  • A painting of Edmund Blackadder kissing the hand of Queen Elizabeth I
  • An antique wedding dress believed to be a prototype for the gown worn by Queen Victoria in the bedroom
  • A waterproof flat screen in one of the en-suite bathrooms 

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