Saturday, March 19, 2011

Escaping a Parking Ticket in Style

Kate Middleton was able to escape getting a parking ticket with the help of her security people when she parked in Chelsea. She made a speedy 15 minute trip into a Peter Jones Store.

She wore stylish skinny jeans, her signature flat black boots and a pale green fitted jacket. A cream scarf was knotted artfully around her neck and in her hand she held her Prada 'Bowler' bag.

Update 3/16/2013

Kate's jacket has been ID'd. It is by Ralph Lauren (thanks to 'My Small Obsessions' on FB).

'Ralph Lauren Blue Label
Style code: 1463168JECR
Style name: Estate Custom Riding Jacket
Color: 'Patterned - Blue (actually olive green with flecks of brown and seafoam blue)
100% wool


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